The Truth Behind Omega XL®

If you feel confused after doing research on the Internet for your joint pain and mobility issues you’re not alone. So many products promise relief for any number of joint conditions. Consumers are even being taken advantage of by companies that direct consumers to "product review sites" that give the illusion of being unbiased, but actually promote the company’s product as the preferred solution.

Other companies cite university research that supposedly "demonstrates" the effectiveness of their product. However, upon closer scrutiny, the referenced clinical research has not been published or the scientific community does not support the claims.

Until this type of false advertising can be eliminated, we will make sure to educate consumers about the truth behind Omega XL and what to look out for when researching science-based solutions to your joint conditions.

Omega XL is proud to offer real science-based research and information on its specific product in order to help you be as informed and educated as possible.  Omega XL only makes claims about its effectiveness based on real science that has been reviewed by respected members of the scientific community and published in prestigious journals.  This science-based approach to finding the answers to your joint problems should be the foundation to your quest for relief.

"Does Omega XL Really Work?"

With over half a billion capsules sold the answer would seem to be "yes!" The primary ingredient in Omega XL is PCSO-524™. This patented extract has over 30 years of international research behind it allowing Omega XL to boast one of the most exhaustive clinical research pedigrees of any OTC nutraceutical on the market.  If you'd like to read the studies for yourself, ***click here***, for a link to Wikipedia where you can read some of the studies. The science will speak for itself.  No other ingredient offers as much promise for your joint health as PCSO-524.

"Watch Out For Pseudo Science And Phony Doctors."

Doing your own research is the best way to insure your good health.  In so doing you will likely find websites featuring original "groundbreaking" reports supported by few, if any, details. Try to contact the company and ask for the actual research papers and read them. See if the papers have been peer-reviewed and published in prestigious journals. Make sure you watch out for research paid for by the companies marketing their products.  This isn’t always a bad thing, but you will probably find fixed results, not peer-reviewed or respected by the scientific community.

Be wary of people dressed up to look like "doctors" giving their "expert" medical advice. First check their credentials, as their opinions are frequently biased and uneducated opinions. We've found that most of these "doctors" often don't even exist, or are nutritionists or naturopaths who are not qualified to give you sophisticated joint health advice. Ask for credentials. If they give you the run-around, think twice about making that purchase.

"What's special about Omega XL? Why can't I buy a similar product at the store?"

The simple answer is quality. Because we control the source of PCSO-524 we control its quality and therefore no other product contains PCSO-524 (1).  And, because dietary supplements are not regulated in the United States, there is a huge problem with products not meeting label claims, delivering dosages that have not been clinically proven effective, and even adding in “filler” ingredients to make you think you're buying more.

Omega XL delivers patented PCSO-524™ exclusively from New Zealand where it is produced under some of the most stringent regulations for both purity and sustainability anywhere in the world. The marine extract in PCSO-524 comes from green-lipped mussels farmed exclusively in the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough sounds, regarded as some of the “cleanest water on earth.”  The consistency of PCSO-524 is due to its patented extraction process that not only removes any impurities, but also ensures the quality and consistent potency.   This insures that you are buying the same strength of ingredients that have been clinically proven effective when you buy Omega XL. Every batch of PCSO-524 is independently verified by the most respected, third-party laboratories using the most rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that each serving delivers 100% of labeled claims and 100% of the highest quality, clinically proven effective ingredients available.

"Is PCSO-524 necessary for my joint health?"

Good question. If you look at the omega-3 joint products available in stores, you'll notice that most of them tout high doses of DHA and EPA and little else. That’s great if you are looking for a nice vitamin to take, but if you want to treat your joints with natural anti-inflammatories then you need more than just a couple of fatty acids.  PCSO-524, found in Omega XL, contains over 30 essential and free fatty acids and powerful antioxidants that create a powerful synergy that has been the subject of over 30 years of clinically study.

"Are Exclusive Blend' joint health products more sophisticated?"

This is an important issue … so make sure you pay particular attention to label claims. Any product you consider should have legitimate research behind it. Choose a brand that is straightforward and clear about what it contains… Don't be fooled by terms such as "proprietary blend," "complex," and "exclusive blend." These are usually marketing ploys to make products sound unique and worth their price. Think about it this way, drug companies have to fully disclose every chemical and dose in their products. Why shouldn't dietary supplement companies be required to do the same? You should be fully aware of what you're taking and how much of it you're taking. Your body and your wallet deserve it!

"Where is Omega XL® made?"

News of fake, cheap or contaminated ingredients imported from China is common. There are, unfortunately, companies that have learned that in order to make more profit they have to use cheap ingredients from China. Omega XL has a different business model. Omega XL contains ONLY the same potency of PCSO-524 that has been extensively clinically tested and proven effective.

Omega XL contains only PCSO-524 sourced exclusively from New Zealand and is the exact same potency of the PCSO-524 mentioned in over 30 years of published university research.

"What about low priced fish oil products that claim to be superior to the PCSO-524 found Omega XL?"

No such ingredient exists. We challenge you to find a single legitimate, comparative study that shows that any of the hundreds of fish oil supplements out there are superior to PCSO-524 found in Omega XL. You may find all sorts of claims, but what you will not find an actual credible study that has done a comparison to PCSO-524 and come out on top. Any company that says it has is manipulating their own study and posting contrived results. This is not a truthful way of interpreting the value of a product. It is misleading and plain wrong.

Competing brands may state that their product is "far superior" or "clinically more effective," but offer no evidence. In addition to their "proprietary ingredients," some even offer a smattering of other ingredients to their product just to be able to make a label claim.

Bottom line: Rely on your own intelligence and legitimate research when making decisions about how to optimize your joint health.

"Is the Omega XL® guarantee real?"

Omega XL stands behind its guarantee. Everyone's body is different and it takes time for everyone to feel full benefits. Try Omega XL for a full 90 days before you make a final decision. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling, if you notify us within 90 days of the receipt of your order. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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(1) Sister brand Lyprinol sold in other markets worldwide